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Here's what some of our satisfied customers are saying about our products:

The UkeLoop is awesome! I use it with my Riptide A/E. eBay Member id 2n66

Thank you. It is quite useful and innovative.  eBay Buyer: sorevilo59 259Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy using Honupicks. I love using my fingers but they get sore and bloody if I don't use a pick. I tried plastic pics and hated them. But Honupicks create a smooth tone with none of the clacking of a plastic pick. Just wanted to say thanks.  Roger Searcy, Locust Grove Georgia

"Wow, TheMusicClamp is really great. Thank you for making my life much easier. Your product is great and I've been sharing it with all of my ukulele friends."  - Albert, Simi Valley, CA


 I have tried all kinds of picks on the ukulele, and nothing felt right or sounded as good as the HonuPick. It is the only pick I'll ever need.  Lora Abell, Brentwood, Tennessee


 Product- feels good in fingers and produces a quality sound. Amazon buyer: Karen, Houston, Texas 6/28/2013

"I bought my UkeLoop last week and really like the way it supports my Uke! Thanks, Dan, for inventing it!- Cyndie

"So cool-love it! Use it all the time." Ebay Buyer anchorcad-Michelle, Scranton, PA


This company is awesome! The first package did not arrive on time, and after not asking the seller, they replaced them for free! I felt badly about this because these picks are hand made and small companies need our support. I ordered another set, and told the seller I would. He STILL sent the replacements. Such commendable character and customer service! Thanks, again! Robin, Valdosta, Georgia  5/17/2013


These picks are great. For me they are perfect. Fast shipping too. Thanks! Ebay Buyer:  jack4488f - Jack, Lady Lake, Florida


Great pick excellent invention really love it fast shipping!!!! Ebay Buyer: Member id noizeoftwo -Rocky, Reynoldsburg, Ohio


 "Neat Pick-great service-well made!"  Ebay Buyer anchorcad-Michelle, Scranton, PA


"Item as describes, very useful pick." Ebay Buyer: o0itzjeanna0o-

HPamazonLearning curve nothing. It's the downhills and speed that kills. Just learning uke and even my untrained ear can hear the difference between the HonuPick and others. Just have to get the Honu so it's a sweetspot on the strings. Thanks!"-Joel, Pine Plains, New York

HPamazon"Honu Pick was legit. I liked it a lot and found that playing with it brought out a new sound in the uke. I have never used a pick with my uke before so it was a bit different getting used to playing with it, but I definitely picked up a cleaner sound while using it. I had a friend try out the pick too, she is just beginning to play the uke and was thrilled by it. She couldn't get used to strumming with her finger and thought the Honu Pick would     substantially help her."- Joey

HPamazon"I received my new Honupick yesterday and I am very happy with it. At first I was a little leary about how much it cost, compared to a basic pick, but now I know why it costs more. It's totally worth every penny more. The HonuPick sounds like I'm strumming with my finger. Awesome!" - Steven

HPamazon"I bought my Honupick last week and have played with it almost every day since I got it in the mail. I simply love it! Thanks for creating such a great pick." - Aaron, San Diego, CA

HPamazon"I love my Honupick! It makes my music sound great! I couldn't be more pleased!
- Linda

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